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BiBaBad baby bath, baby bath for the shower silber line

BiBaBad baby bath, baby bath for the shower silber line

BiBaBad baby bath, baby bath for the shower

BiBaBad ...

  • offers the only opportunity to have your shower in seconds into a bath to turn to children.
  • fits into almost any shower is easy to assemble, can be quickly emptied and filled.
  • is folded up to store easily and can also be taken into the open.
  • This can BiBaBad to 8 Age of your child's use.

Models and sizes:
There are 2 different sizes.

Please measure your shower exactly.
Is measured from wall to the shower (see picture)

First Model: Adjustable: 60 - 80 cm
Second Model: Adjustable: 70 - 90 cm
The bars of the frame are silver and bathing bag has a silver stripe.

The rods of the frame are white and the beach bag either completely white, blue aqua bubbles, princess pink or provided with a pirate theme.

How should the BiBaBad be located:
The frame of the BiBaBads is placed on the edges of the shower tray.
The bag is then very loose in the shower and tub is completely on the ground. If the BiBaBad is filled with water, it gets its stability.

For which the showers BiBaBad for?
It fits into almost any shower, whether it be round, square, flat or tiled.

What must have the shower drain?
The bath is supplied without perforated bag. You can cut into the hole for the supplied drain where you need it for your shower and install the drain.
The outflow, which is congruent brought over the shower drain has its own plug. This is a separate and independent BiBaBad trough system.
Even in the open (eg when paddling) for many purposes.

Material and weight:

  • The water bag is made of polyester fabric polyethuranbeschichteten (PU) 59% Polyester, 41% Polyuretaan.
  • It is tear-and slip-resistant, waterproof and washable at 60 ° C.
  • The boom is made of aluminum.
  • Weight: about 3 kg

The BiBaBad is the perfect match for you if ...

  • You do not have a bathtub!
  • To conserve water and bathtub, despite energy costs!
  • Your children are too big for the baby or the baby bath bucket!
  • You do not ever want to clean the tub!
  • You want your children to be happy!
  • And much more ...!

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